Benefits of Using PayPal

Selling products and services online can be a very useful thing to do. Many businesses and non-profits want to be able to let customers use their credit card to pay online rather than taking payments over the phone or in person.

One option is to have a full blown shopping cart system…and that’s certainly ideal. But a good alternative is PayPal. Fresh look web design recommends PayPal for any organization that wants to accept credit card payments while cutting costs and minimizing risk.

No Risk

With PayPal’s Website Payments Standard program, which is what we are highlighting here, there are no start-up fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees. So for businesses or non-profits that want to try out the concept of accepting online credit card payments, PayPal is a good option. There is very little to no risk involved.

It’s Easy for You

To use PayPal only requires a familiarity with the computer. You don’t need to understand code or anything technical. You simply follow the instructions, and they provide you with the code to put into your website. If you maintain your own website, simply copy and paste what they give you. If someone else maintains it for you, just copy and paste the code into an email or Word Document and send it to your web developer.

It’s Easy for Your Customers

PayPal does not require your customers to sign-up to pay online. All they do is enter in their credit card information and they’re done. No hassle.

Who should use PayPal?

Anyone can use PayPal, but we think it’s especially useful for:

  • Non-profits who want their users to easily donate

  • Organizations with only a few products to sell

  • Organizations with a limited budget

What does PayPal cost?

The standard option with accepting credit cards with PayPal is called Website Payments Standard. The pricing details are below:

  • No setup fee

  • No cancellation fee

  • No monthly fee

  • Fee of $0.30 per transaction

  • Additional fee of 2.9% per transaction

For more detail about Paypal, please use Paypal contact number.